A new, innovative collaboration. A new frontier in digital possibilities.

The business world is changing fast. To adapt, you’ll need tech-driven solutions that are flexible enough to cope with the growing demands of the market. This is why Fujitsu has joined forces with Cisco and Equinix: combining the power of three technology leaders to unleash exponential innovation and drive desired outcomes for customers all around the world.

Customised solutions to meet your needs.

Fujitsu’s ‘co-creation’ approach, built upon a strong collaboration with customer teams, ensures that you’ll receive solutions that aren’t just based on general ‘best practices’ – but are uniquely designed to fit your organisation’s specific needs.

Connect to solutions, seamlessly.

Maximising the advanced technological expertise of Equinix, Fujitsu is able to build a foundation of solutions that will seamlessly connect you to your network service providers, cloud service providers, global resources, and clients – no matter where they reside.

IT, made even simpler.

Fujitsu incorporates Cisco’s secure, cloud-scale architecture to simplify IT operations. This enables faster updates and resolutions, supported by advanced network functionality, reliability, as well as built-in security.

Our Solutions

By joining forces, Fujitsu, Equinix and Cisco successfully combine the experience, expertise and trust you need to co-create, evolve and deliver desired outcomes via technology. Fujitsu has long been a trusted partner for transformation, now with Cisco and Equinix – the digital possibilities are endless.





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